Sunday, November 25, 2012

Forward mail from rediff mail to other email address - Rediff Bug

If you want to forward all your emails from your Rediffmail account to any other email account, simply follow the steps below:

Go to the classic version of your Rediffmail account. This is important else you will get an error
You have not specified any email address to which you would like your emails forwarded

You can do this from the new version by clicking "Back to Classic" on the top right corner of the webpage.

The browser location will look like". Replace maillist with forwardyourmails?action=forwardmails&email=YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS&lea vecopy=1

so the URL Will look like forwardyourmails?action=forwardmails&email=YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS&lea vecopy=1

 Enter the email ID that you want to forward your Rediffmail email to and you are done!


  1. no its doesn't work it still showing the first one screen

    1. I have the same issue as well as of April 22, 2013. This work around is not useful anymore. :(

  2. This trick does not work anymore. Try this:

    Once you have logged into your Rediffmail, paste this link into the browser address bar.

    It will show up the "Forbidden Form" to provide your email for forwarding. I have tested this in the new Rediffemail and it works for me.

    1. not working for me.. can u please help... showing the same error that "You have not specified any email address to which you would like your emails forwarded"

  3. rediffmail service is so weak dumb rubbish...